Exams, peer pressure, homework, friendships and other external circumstances can easily make children feel overwhelmed, anxious and even depressed, but by introducing the simple inside out understanding of life to children, they soon begin to realise that they have everything they need to thrive and that nothing externally has the power to affect them.  As a result of learning about where our experience of life comes from, children begin to see their own innate wellbeing and resilience and can begin to  tap into their true ‘always there’ potential.   Life then naturally unfolds for them in a way that they could never imagine.

At The Space in Between, I deliver a  school programme based off the successful SPARK (Speak to the Potential, Ability and Resilience inside every Kid) programme which is delivered in the United States by the Cypress Initiative. This curriculum has proven to be highly effective in creating successful academic results, a healthier state of mind and better relationships with everybody around them including other pupils, teachers, adults and family members.

Delivered every week, over the course of 12 sessions lasting around 60 minutes, each session covers topics that pupils can specifically relate to and are delivered in a way that is relevant to their age range (primary 5-11 and secondary 12-16).  As the programme unfolds each week, pupils will start to gain a better understanding of themselves and others, developing essential social and emotional skills and delving into their creative potential.

The benefits of discovering the inside out nature of life means:

  • mental wellbeing (ability to handle gracefully whatever life presents to them)
  • social and emotional health
  • improved academic performance
  • improved personal and learner behaviour
  • better personal relationships
  • connectedness to people and the world around them

The delivery of this programme  includes live sessions, pupil workbooks and evaluation tool.

I can also work in smaller groups or 1:1 with children who might need more individual attention, to support and promote their wellbeing.

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