Hello and welcome! I’m Jo Smith –  wellbeing coach and  facilitator and I’m pleased you’ve found me at The Space In Between. Wondering what that means? Well it’s how I refer to the place within us where the magic happens – the space in between our thoughts!

I share an understanding of humans and how we operate that is simple, yet so profound and is true of every single person on  Earth.  It goes like this: we are all born innately well.  Yep,  wellbeing, confidence, love, wisdom, clarity and peace of mind is our natural state.  We’re born into that and it never goes anywhere….ever!  It’s the constant part of us, and the only thing that can take us away from it  is our personal thinking.   We don’t have to strive to be any of those things, we already are those things, but the natural ebb and flow of our thinking means we sway between a clear and cluttered state of mind all the time.

The illusion is, that life works from the outside in.  We think that circumstances or people affect us and cause us to feel a certain way, but as real as it seems, this just isn’t true.  Everything we feel arises within us via the creative power of Thought and has nothing to do with anything ‘out there.’   In other words, whatever we think, we feel! Have you ever considered how two people can experience the same situation in completely different ways?   We just have an innocent misunderstanding of life and where our experience if it comes from. Once we have an insight into the true, inside out nature of our reality, it feels like nothing has changed, yet everything ‘s different!

There’s nothing to do here. You won’t find advice or strategies on how to be better at life or parenting. You are the expert on you – how could I ever be? My job is to simply point you in a different direction – one where you’re not used to looking – so you can see for yourself just how you’re creating your own experience.

So if you’re curious to find out more about how this simple understanding can impact every aspect of your life – from work, relationships, parenting, habits, addictions and everything else in between then please stick around, browse my site and drop me a line. I offer a safe, totally confidential and non-judgmental space for transformative conversations to take place and I’d love to talk with you!