Peaceful Parenting Coaching

Parenting is challenging at the best of times, even more so in today’s fast paced world, when we’re all trying to spin so many different plates at once. It’s easy to feel stressed, frustrated and overwhelmed and when we see the world through that filter it affects everything, including how we see and interact with our children.

As a working mum, I felt all of those things and more (guilt, worry, pressure, resentment, you name it!). Of course I still do, I’m human! But the difference is I just don’t take them seriously anymore. I know that those kinds of feelings are an indication that my thinking is ‘off’ and not a reflection of the circumstances that I’m experiencing, so it doesn’t make sense to me to hold onto those thoughts.

Wellbeing is the constant part of us – it’s who we really are. The rest is just Thought coming through us and in each and every moment there is the capacity for us to experience new thinking. When I’m not up in my head, I’m in that space of wellbeing (the space in between our thoughts), I’m connected to my wisdom and I’m much more of an effective mum! I’m calmer, responsive, compassionate, light hearted and much more collaborative – working with my children rather than being demanding of them. Plus I’m much more fun too! The exact same is possible for you.

How can this understanding help me with my parenting?
As a parent, you may be thinking that this all sounds a bit vague or ‘airy fairy’ and very different to other parenting ‘experts’ who offer strategies and techniques.

You’re right!  It is VERY different, but it’s not ‘airy fairy’.  It’s actually very practical.   And I am in no way a parenting expert.   How could I possibly know what’s best for your child in any given moment?   That’s where you’re own common sense and wisdom comes in.  I don’t tell you what to do, I share with you how we all work, so you’ll know yourself what to do.

I aim to help parents feel more connected to themselves and their children; to show them that they are the experts on their children and nobody else and that they have everything they need to be the best parents they can be, regardless of anything that’s going on around them.  And I want to point out that this is also true of their children. When we start to see on deeper level how the Principles behind the human experience are at play in each and every one of us, we start looking inwardly, rather than outwardly for solutions.

There is hope!
So if parenting feels hard for you right now, it’s simply because you have an innocent misunderstanding of life. When you come to see that our experience of our children is coming from within us and not directly from them, it opens up a space for us to handle any situation with confidence, regardless of our state of mind.

Through a series of conversations, I will point you to that place within you which holds all of the answers to every parenting problem you’ll ever come up against, from misbehaviour to fussy eating.

Please follow my blog for regular posts and insights, and if you’re interested in 1:1 parenting coaching for yourself, then let’s talk! I look forward to hearing from you.